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  • R.J Bear

    R.J Bear

    Husband, Sports fan, Exercise enthusiast, Working in delivering business change.

  • Pamella Richards

    Pamella Richards

    Beekeeper — get the buzz

  • Karen Falcon

    Karen Falcon

    Las Vegas, NV | Former Vegas Cabbie, Reiki Practitioner, Hobby Photographer, Storyteller ○ Top Writer in Humor. Whoda Thunk?

  • Benjamin Nweke

    Benjamin Nweke

    I value your time. Data scientist, Life coach/positivity therapist, and mental health advocate. Connect on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nwekebenjamin

  • Kristy Westaway

    Kristy Westaway

    She/They | Author | LGBTQ+ | D&D Nerd | ADHD Mum

  • Ilana Lydia

    Ilana Lydia

    A theater person/writer/reader of curiosities. A believer in wonder.

  • Citizen Upgrade

    Citizen Upgrade

    Upgrade your world. Upgrade your life. A community of experts covering technology, society, and personal development. Visit us at: www.citizenupgrade.com

  • Tom Simon

    Tom Simon

    Cruising through my fifth decade by looking ahead, and within, in equal measures. Pilot, Coach, Teacher, Mentor— Writer?

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